Skin Fitting Install Tools

Devices to assist with handling and installation of Skin Fittings

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Skin Fitting Install Tools

TruDesign Skin Fitting Install Tools are a world-first which allows the installation of a Skin Fitting to be carried out by a single person. No longer is a second person needed to hold the Skin Fitting in place on the outside of the hull and stop it from turning whilst the first person on the inside of the hull tightens the Skin Fitting Nut. These tools also act as a holder to make applying sealant or epoxy to the Skin Fitting easier as well as keep work areas and hands clean.

Works on both standard (Dome head) TruDesign Skin Fittings as well as TruDesign Recessed Skin Fittings. Not for use with TruDesign Skin Fittings with Tails.

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  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
  • Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite - High strength, durable and light weight
  • Compatible with both Domed and Recessed head TruDesign Skin Fittings from ¾" to 2" in size
  • Positive 'click' to notify once properly engaged with the Skin Fitting
  • Handles for clean and easy handling of a Skin Fitting with sealant or epoxy adhesive applied to it

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Skin Fitting Install Tools


Skin Fitting Install Tool ¾"

11g / 0.39oz
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Skin Fitting Install Tools


Skin Fitting Install Tool 1"

14g / 0.49oz
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Skin Fitting Install Tools


Skin Fitting Install Tool 1¼"

21g / 0.74oz
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Skin Fitting Install Tools


Skin Fitting Install Tool 1½"

24g / 0.85oz
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Skin Fitting Install Tools


Skin Fitting Install Tool 2"

34g / 1.2oz