Non-Return Valves

In-line protection from water backflow or siphoning

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Non-Return Valves

TruDesign Non-Return Valves are designed for marine, farming, horticulture and mining industries. Made from UV stabilised glass reinforced Nylon, these composite material fittings are designed for the harsh marine and agricultural environments. They can be used in line to prevent water backflow or siphoning and have a very low cracking pressure. Available in 6 sizes:

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  • Manufactured from a high strength, UV stabilised Glass Reinforced Nylon composite - High strength and lightweight. Can be used in direct sunlight
  • High impact and tensile strength - “Water hammer safe” and insensitive to pressure shocks in the pipeline
  • Stainless spring - No corrosion issues or risk of internal valve staying open
  • Low cracking pressure - Minimal pressure required to open the valve with minimal restriction on flowrate
  • In line fitting - Minimal installation room needed and no other fittings required
  • Printed white arrow (opposite logo side) - Quick and easy identification of water flow direction

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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve ¾"

21g / 0.74oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1"

34g / 1.2oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1¼"

50g / 1.76oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1½"

67g / 2.36oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 2"

119g / 4.2oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1⅛''

46g / 1.62oz
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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1½" Tail

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Non Return Valves


Non-Return Valve 1" Tail