Marine PowerSpray Nozzle

Long lasting washdown nozzle for boats and docks

Marine PowerSpray Nozzle

The Marine PowerSpray's adjustable valve allows the user to select a spray pattern that suits the particular application, from a powerful jet to a fine spray. When dropped or released the nozzle automatically shuts off reducing water usage.
The Marine PowerSpray is designed for operation in the harsh marine environment. The strong Nylon 6 body and handle is designed to withstand the knocks as well as the salt and UV exposure encountered in marine applications. With the only metallic component being an internal stainless steel spring, corrosion problems are eliminated.



  • Adjustable spray pattern - Versatile usage for wash down or filling applications
  • Nylon 6 Body - High strength and light weight
  • Immune to corrosion and electrolysis - No decreased performance due to corrosion
  • Chemical resistant - Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints
  • UV resistant - Will not break down with ultraviolet light or discolour from the sun
  • ¾” Thread - Easy connection to other fittings
  • Auto shutoff - Won’t continue to use water if dropped


Marine Power Spray Nozzle


Marine PowerSpray