Marine Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

#1 Boat Equipment Dealer in the Maldives

Marine Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Our product range covers A-Z for boating industry. The products are selected from the best quality and most renowned brand names in the boating industry. We represent many world leading brands as the sole distributor for the region.
Product range includes:-
- Marine Electronics (GPS, RADAR & Navigation Equipments)
- Lighting (Exterior, Interior, under water, Search Lights, Navigation)
- Steering Systems (inboard, outboard and power assist steering systems)
- Air-conditioning (full range of marine air-condition systems and equipments)
- Water Makers (wide range of Desalination plants for boats)
- Water Intake & Discharge (water strainers, scoops, fittings, clips and hoses)

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M. White Bardy, Kanbaa Aisa Rani Hingun, Malé, Postal Code 20339, Maldives