Hose Clamps

ideal for clamping hose on to our nozzle range fittings

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Hose Clamps

Field tests have proven the Hose Clamps to be ideal when used with our nozzle range.The strong, reinforced Nylon 6 moulding acts as a protector and support to the nozzle and eliminates the sharp hose clip problem experienced with standard hose clip systems. The fastenings are in 316 stainless steel to guarantee long life and clamp the hose well onto the nozzle fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Hose Clamps


Hose Clamp 13mm

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Hose Clamps


Hose Clamp 19mm

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Hose Clamps


Hose Clamp 25mm

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Hose Clamps


Hose Clamp 32mm

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Hose Clamps


Hose Clamp 38mm