Saddle & Saddle Clips

Saddle Clips & Bases are designed for tidy routing of cables, wires, and plumbing hoses.

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Saddle & Saddle Clips

TruDesign Saddle Clips & Bases are designed for tidy routing of cables, wires, and plumbing hoses. The Base can either be screwed or glued to a wall or bulkhead providing a ‘mounting base’ which can be used on its own with a cable-tie for tying down cables and wires or have one of four sizes of Saddle Clips attached to it for supporting various diameters of plumbing hose. For increased security, a cable-tie can be threaded through the Base under and around the Saddle Clip and hose then done up, locking all components together. If plumbing layouts change in the future, simply remove the hose from the Saddle Clip, then pinch the arms of the Saddle Clip together to unclip and detach it from the Base. A different size of Saddle Clip can then be clicked on to the Base to accept a different diameter of plumbing hose. Base available in 1 size supporting 4 sizes of Saddle Clips which cover a range of varying hose diameters

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  • Multi-purpose Base - Can be used on its own to tie down cables & wires or have a Saddle Clip attached for supporting hoses.
  • Dual mounting options for Base - Adhesive or screws (or both) - No additional fasteners required. Ability to replace Saddle Clip with another size without disturbing Base (if plumbing is changed at some point in future).
  • Dovetail grooves on underside of Base - Provides undercuts with increased overall surface area for better adhesive performance. No need for fasteners.
  • Durable, flexible Saddle Clip arm - Accepts hoses of varying outside diameters.
  • Base manufactured from UV stabilised, composite glassreinforced Nylon 6 (PA6). Saddle Clips manufactured from UV stabilised Acetal copolymer (POM) - High strength, tough and light weight. Can be used in direct sunlight. Will not rust or corrode. Saddle Clip arms are strong yet flexible and won’t ‘creep’ over time under load.

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Saddle & Saddle Clips


Saddle Base

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Saddle & Saddle Clips


Saddle Clip 13mm

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Saddle & Saddle Clips


Saddle Clip 20mm

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Saddle & Saddle Clips


Saddle Clip 28mm

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Saddle & Saddle Clips


Saddle Clip 38mm