Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve)

The TruDesign Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve) from the precision engineers at Tru Design

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Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve)

The success of the Manual Aquavalve (Y Valve) and positive response from the marine industry led our design team to develop the Electronic Aquavalve, which has become a problem solver for many modern marine plumbing installations.

The TruDesign Electronic Aquavalve allows the diverting valve to be operated from a bridge with the push of a button on the supplied control panel. The indicators on the control panel show the current position of the valve. The valve has two positions 'holding tank' or 'overboard'.

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  • Electronic activation of the Aquavalve from included control panel
  • Clear indication on control panel as to current valve position
  • Versatility of installation with a vast range of hose and bend adapters
  • Compatible with Manual Aquavalve adapters
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • Each valve seal tested to check no o’ring leakage
  • Valves are individually tested on assembly to 10 PSI
  • Duel Voltage - 12 volt DC or 24 Volt DC input

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Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve)


Aquavalve Electronic 12V - 24V incl. Control Panel

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Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve)


Aquavalve Electronic Control Panel

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Electronic Aquavalve (Y Valve)


Aquavalve Electronic Motor Drive Assembly (Spare Part)